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Hey, thanks for your interest in our rental library! 

As Neon has both subscription and movie rentals, you'll find movie rentals are displayed with a pink $ symbol. 

For Samsung, LG and Panasonic TVs:

  • Head to the Rentals section
  • Choose from our great range of movies and select 'Rent'
  • Choose from SD or HD
  • Add your password or pin to confirm the rental
  • Start watching! 

For all other apps:

  • Head to to our Rentals section
  • Choose from our great range of movies rentals and select 'Rent'
  • Choose from SD or HD and then from the following options for making payment
  • Use an existing credit/debit card to make an immediate payment, or add a new one
    Note that a $1 holding fee applies to verify a new card and is automatically refunded within up to 5-10 working days depending on your bank
    If you have a free movie voucher, select 'Apply a voucher or Gift Card', enter your voucher code and click 'Apply'. 
  • Once you've selected your card payment method or added a voucher, select 'Rent'
  • Once you've successfully  purchased your movie to rent, you can now access the movie on the device of your choosing from the 'My Rentals'.

Some movie rentals are also available to watch as part of your Neon subscription so if you have a subscription, before you pay for the movie, search for the movie title and it will bring up both versions of that movie. Select the green version (without the $ sign) to watch as part of your subscription.  Or find the title under MOVIES.

Having trouble with renting your movie? Drop us a message.

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