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To download content, you must be on a Neon Standard or Annual plan using a tablet/mobile device running Android 5.0 or later, or iOS10 or later. Android devices must also support Google Widevine L1 security protections. Downloads to devices that do not meet this criteria will not work.

Any content you download is only playable on the device that you've download the content to.

You can download up to 25 total shows per account where 5 of which are movies. For example 25 episodes (5 episodes per TV Show) and no movies, or 5 movies and 20 episodes of TV shows (5 per TV Show).

Downloads expire after 31 days from the date of downloading or 48 hours from start of play. Once a show or movie has been downloaded, it cannot be downloaded again to this account until either the content has been deleted from the device it was downloaded to, or the download expires. Episodes from TV series can be downloaded a maximum of two times per account.

Please note due to our contracts with studio partners, some shows and movies may not be available for download. If a show or movie is not available for download, you will see the following message if you try to download the content: "Sorry, this content is not available for download".

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