Changes to the Privacy Policy – January 2024 Print

What is changing in Neon’s Privacy Policy?

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to support the new ad features on our plans and to create a more personalised experience for our Neon customers. From 11 January 2024, new customers who sign up to Neon will be required to provide information relating to their year of birth and gender as part of their account creation. Neon will use this data to personalise and improve their Neon viewing experience as described in our Privacy Policy. Users who already have a Neon account and profile set up will not be required to provide this extra information unless they need to update their profile information.

Neon’s full Privacy Policy can be found here.

Why do you need to collect my personal data?

Collecting personal data allows us to create a more personalised viewing experience for Neon users that includes targeted advertising. This means we may use your data to serve advertising that is more relevant to you. You can read how we use your data in more detail in our Privacy Policy here.

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