Neon isn't working on my New Freeview Recorder or SmartVU X Print

Here are some quick and handy tips to get Neon going on your New Freeview Recorder or SmartVU X. 

Ensure your Freeview device is running the latest software. You can check this by following these steps: Settings > About > System > Update

Try clearing the data and cache:

  • Go to the Freeview settings menu 
  • Select Apps, then Neon 
  • From here you can scroll down to Clear Data and Clear Cache. 

Try uninstall and reinstall the Neon app:

  • Settings > Apps > Uninstall 
  • Then you can download the app again from the Google Play Store. 

Make sure your device is connected to the internet. If your connection is down, slow, or has the occasional outage, get in touch with your internet service provider. 

Make sure that the wireless connection to the set top box has a strong signal. It might be an idea to move your router to the same room as your TV. If you're using The New Freeview Recorder, try connecting it directly to your router with an Ethernet cable.

Have a look around and see if anything on your home network is slowing down your experience. For example, your flatmate could be downloading or sending data on another PC, Mac or gaming console, or if a device is downloading automatic updates. This can interfere with your Neon experience.

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