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To help you make good choices about what’s appropriate for you or your family to watch, Neon rates all of its content in line with the Broadcasting Standards Authority classifications code.

The classifications are:

Approved for General viewing - Might not be intended for children but should not contain material likely to alarm or distress them.
Parental Guidance recommended for younger viewers - May contain material more suitable for mature audiences but not necessarily unsuitable for children when subject to the guidance of a parent or adult.
Suitable for Mature audiences 16 years and over - May contain content with a moderate impact and themes that require a mature outlook, including violence, sexual material, offensive language, adults themes, nudity.
People under 16 years should not view - Contains stronger material or special elements which are outside the M classification. May have a greater degree of sexual material, offensive language, realistic violence, and stronger adult themes.
People under 18 years should not view - Contains themes which may be challenging or offensive even to some adult viewers.

Some of our content may also have a secondary classification which gives you a bit more information about what's in the content:

Content may offend
Language may offend
Violence may offend
Sexual material may offend

Classifications on Neon is slightly different to the approved content rating on the Parental Control settings. For more information, head to Setting up your Parental Controls.

Complaints and feedback

Neon is committed to maintaining the Code of Broadcasting Standards agreed with the Broadcasting Standards Authority (the BSA). There are 11 standards under the Code, and you can read them here.

If you feel we've breached any of the standards in the Code, you can make a Formal Complaint to us within 20 days of watching the show.

Please specify the name of the programme, when you watched it, the standard(s) you think have been breached and why. Please also specify that you watched it on Neon.

To make a Formal Complaint, click here.

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