Why does Neon buffer? Print

If you find your video is freezing or dropping out while you're trying to watch Neon, check your internet connection speed to make sure it's strong enough. How fast your internet speed needs to be will vary by device. 

Firstly try changing your playback quality – use the Cog icon in the video player (located on top right on TVs and mobile, bottom right on web browsers) to switch from HD to SD or even Data Saver to see if that improves the video quality. (Note: Data Saver is not available on TVs, set-top boxes or Game Consoles)

Next, check your internet connection speed and if you get a result lower than 8mbps, then it's likely your broadband speeds are too low to stream uninterrupted. To fix this up, contact your Internet Service Provider - they may have some suggestions to improve this.

If the broadband speed test shows a speed of greater than 8Mbps, try:

  • Check what activity is happening on your home network
  • If you're using other devices in the house which are downloading or using data, it can interfere with streaming services like Neon.

Connection speeds can be affected by the distance between your device and the router. If possible try sitting closer to the router or, if possible, connect your device directly to the router using Ethernet cable.

If connected to the WiFi, the signal can weaken and cause you buffering or freezing issue.

Still experiencing buffering after all of these tests? It would be best to contact your internet provider.

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