Neon isn't working on my Samsung Smart TV Print

If you're having problems or getting an error message on your screen there could be a number of reasons for this so we've put together the below checklist to help troubleshoot issues and get you up and running again.

  • Make sure the Samsung Smart TV you have supports Neon. You’ll need a Samsung Smart TV manufactured in 2017 onwards. A quick Google search using your TV model number should help you identify the release year.
  • Make sure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to the internet and is working correctly. If the connection is down, slow or has the occasional outage, this will make accessing Neon troublesome! If you find there is connection issues, we recommend talking to you internet provider.
  • It would pay to check what activity is happening on your home network as well. If you're using other devices in the house which are downloading or using data, it can interfere with streaming services like Neon.

Still having issues? Let's do a little check on your Samsung Smart TV:

  • Check the wireless connection on your Samsung Smart TV to ensure you have a strong signal. You may need to move your router closer to your TV to increase the signal strength.
  • Does your Samsung Smart TV have the latest software installed? You can check this by:
  1. Exit Smart Hub
  2. Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote
  3. Select support
  4. Select software update
  5. Select online
  6. Follow any further on screen instructions.
  • Try a 'Hard Reboot' of your TV. To do this, switch your TV off from the wall socket while it's powered on. Leave it for a minute before turning back on.
  • Lastly, try a reset of your TV's setting to factory default. To do this Go to Menu, then Support, click Self Diagnosis and then reset 000.

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