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Good news! If you’re on a capped data plan or if you like watching Neon on your mobile, Data Saver is here for you!

Data Saver lets you control how much data you’re using by choosing the video quality that’s right for you.

To get started, play a show and press the ‘cog’ icon in the top right of the player controls. You can then choose which data setting you’d like to play the video with. ‘Saver’ uses the least data, and is lower quality video - whilst ‘High’ uses the most data and will use the highest quality video available.

You can also choose your Data Saver settings from the hamburger menu in the top left. Open the menu, choose 'Settings'. Here you can set your preferences for video on both Mobile connections (e.g whilst you’re on the go) and WiFi (e.g whilst you’re on a home WiFi connection). In each, you can choose either 'Saver' mode to restrict your viewing to low data usage, 'Standard' for a better viewing experience whilst not using up too much data or 'High' if data is no issue for the best viewing experience possible.

Settings can be managed based on your connection type. Mobile Data connections will default to Saver mode and WiFi is set to High. You can adjust your setting from either the menu or player.

  • Saver - Uses least data (up to 0.5 GB per hour)
  • Standard* - Standard Definition (up to 1 GB per hour)
  • High* - High Definition (up to 3 GB per hour)

If you do not wish to use Mobile Data when out of range of WiFi, this can be disabled from your Android mobile settings and switching off Mobile Data.

* Lower quality video may still be used on the High setting if your network connection is not capable of streaming high quality video.


  • The data saver option is not available when casting NEON on the big screen, instead it will automatically choose the best available quality based on your internet speed.
  • HD is no available on a Basic Plan.

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