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On all plans, you can have up to 5 User profiles on your account. 

They can be either standard or kids profiles - you choose. By default, your account will have 1 adults' profile and 1 Kids profile, and you can change settings or delete your second profile at any time. But you won't be able to delete your original profile from any device or delete your default Kids profile on the website. 

However, you can edit the default Kids profile to an adults profile by editing an existing profile on either mobile or the Neon website and toggling off the "For Kids"option.

To delete a profile, from the Neon website - select the arrow next to your profile name. From the drop down menu, choose 'Manage profiles' For any profile you wish to delete (apart from the default adults and kids profile), hover over the icon and you will see a trashcan.  Click this to remove and you're done!

On the mobile, head to the Profile menu option and select Edit Profiles, tap on the profile to remove and scroll down and select Delete profile. Easy!

On big screen apps, navigate to Switch Profile and from the Switch profile screen select the Edit/Pencil icon, then select Delete Profile and then select Confirm to remove. All done!

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