I’m having trouble watching ads on Neon Print

If you’re having issues playing Ads on NEON, we recommend identifying which of the following scenarios applies to you and then trying the appropriate steps below:

Some ads fail to play

If only certain ads are failing to play on NEON, perform a speed test. if you get a result lower than 8mbps, then it's likely your broadband speeds are too low to stream uninterrupted. If your speed test result is above this, then we have troubleshooting steps located here.

All ads fail to play on one browser

If you notice only one browser is affected, try the following steps: 

  • Disable any ad-blocking software the affected browser may be running
  • Clear your browser cache, then force quit and restart your browser 
  • Check for any extensions or add-ons on your browser that could potentially be blocking ads
    • Chrome: Click the menu button with 3 dots (...) > More Tools > Extensions > click Remove on the extension 
    • Edge: Select More (...) to open the menu > Extensions > select the extension and click Remove  
    • Firefox: Select the menu button (three parallel lines) > Add-ons > Extensions or Themes > select the add-on and click Disable 
    • Safari: Select Safari on the top menu bar > Safari Extensions 

All ads fail to play on all browsers

If ads are failing to play across all browsers, please try the following steps: 

  • Check any installed security software such as McAfee or Norton: Please try lowering security settings or disabling the software and then attempt to play a video on NEON again 
  • Check Network/Firewall settings to see if there are any restrictions in place 

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