Neon isn't working on my Android phone / tablet Print

Have a quick peek at which Android version your phone or tablet is on. You can do this by checking for updates in the menu: Apps > Settings > General > Software Update.

The Neon app works on Android 5 or above. 

For downloads, you’ll need 5 or above. Android 8.0 is not supported but updating to Android 8.1 or above should get Neon going for you.

You can also check if the latest version of the Neon app installed by opening the Google Play Store. Get that update if you see it.

Here’s a handy list of devices supported by Neon.

If you're running any type of VPN or DNS service, Neon will not work.

Don’t forget to check that your phone or tablet is connected to the internet too – sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference!

If your connection is down, slow or has the occasional outage, drop a line to your Internet Service Provider to help.

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