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Making our Kids corner safe is our priority.

Parents can set up a Kids’ profile and select the content rating which will limit what their child can and can’t see on Neon. Parents can also set up PIN protection from My Account Page in order to prevent a child from switching to a different/adults’ profile.

Follow these steps for managing profiles on a desktop or laptop below:

  • Go to Make sure you're logged in with your email address and password
  • Find your profile name in the top right corner, hover over it to bring down the menu and click 'Manage profiles'
  • If you have only the default profile, select Add profile, otherwise select an existing profile to edit parental ratings
  • Once you've added a profile or are editing a Kids profile, you can choose to set either For Older Kids which defaults to PG rated content or For Little Kids only which defaults to G rated content. You can also choose to specify the content rating directly. On an adult's profile, you can choose to set the approved content rating from General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), Mature (M) or Restricted (R – includes 16 and 18). Save once you're happy with any changes made. You're all done!
  • For more information about Neon’s content ratings including details about how we define G, PG, M and R content, click here.

On the mobile app you can configure Kids profile settings or create a new Kids profile. To add/update a Kids profile in the mobile app:

  • In the mobile app, log in to Neon
  • Select the hamburger menu in the top left corner
  • Select either “Switch” or ‘Manage Profiles’ to add a new profile or update existing profile settings
  • To add a new profile select the Add Profile then set up your profile image, name and set your preferred Content Rating settings – either from the Parental Rating drop down or by selecting the Kids Profile option and whether it is For Older Kids (PG) or For Little Kids Only (G)
  • To update an existing Kids profile, select Configure under the relevant profile and set either a customised Content Rating or select either For Older Kids or For Little Kids Only to update the default Kids profile ratings
  • Save once you're happy with any changes made. You're all done!

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