How do I improve my picture quality? Print

We feel that it's so important to get your picture looking good.   

The video quality is mostly dependent on your connection, so make sure your Internet connection and home network are running smoothly if you’re having issues with low quality playback for several different shows.   

To check your broadband speeds at home, click here.  

If you get results that are lower than 6Mbps, then it’s likely that your broadband speeds are too low to stream at the highest quality uninterrupted, which causes the buffering – please contact your Internet service provider to understand what options you have available.  

Check data saver settings are not set to a lower quality if you are viewing using the Neon app.   

Data saver steps for the various types of devices are below. If you’re only having issues with a single episode or show, please let us know and we’ll take a look at the issue.   

Please note: HD isn't available on a Basic Plan

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